Agile Problem Solving

Elyon Digtial
2 min readNov 22, 2020


MVP for fast Corona testing at a University

Motivation and Problem Statement

Fast testing is conducted in a dedicated location remote from the actual university building

How to make sure that the tested student is able to present the negative test results at the university checkpoint and share as least as possible of private information with as few people as people.

  1. Students arrive at the testing location
  2. Fast track test is done in location A (5 min duration)
  3. Results are given to the student
  4. If negative, student should receive the results
  5. On arrival at the university the student must present the test results

MVP Idea

Build a simple app for the medical stuff (tester) to send out an SMS to the student containing test results and additional non personal information.


  1. How to make sure the data of the Student is not visible to anyone else.
  2. How to make sure that the confirmation SMS is not forwarded or used by other people
  3. How can the person that controls access to the university check whether the SMS is authentic and belongs to the student that is presenting it

MVP Outcome



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